Coffee & Tea


All Teas are available in Pot , Mug or Cup

English Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey
Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea



White and Pink Fluffy mini Marshmallows .


Whipped cream

Freshly Whipped cream for hot and cold drinks and for all delicious desserts.

coffee syrup

Vanilla | Sugar-free caramel | Salted Caramel | Sugar-free Vanilla | Caramel | Hazelnut | Mint


Soya | Oat | Almond

Iced Coffees


Milk poured over ice cubes topped with freshly ground Two shots of espresso.


Iced Mocha

Another ICED coffee with two espresso shots and Belgian Milk chocolate on Ice cubes and milk.

Iced Americano

Ice cubes topped with cold water and double espresso, Served black and with milk.

Iced Chai latte


Frappe Latte

Blended ice cubes with Double Espresso, Milk, frappe mix, and our classic Vanilla Ice cream.

Frappe Mocha

Our Slushy and Creamy frappe mocha is made with double espresso shots, milk, Ice cubes, Vanilla Ice cream, and Belgian milk Chocolate, which takes you to the next level.


Our another cold coffee with a taste of OREO is a perfect combination of frappe coffee and OREO flavour.

iced dirty chai latte

Welcome to Creams Desserts Afternoon Tea in Manchester

At Creams Coffee & Desserts, we offer best afternoon tea in Manchester. You can come any time of the week from 1 PM to 10:30 PM for a wide range of specialty coffee and tea to pep up your remaining day.

Our profound domain knowledge and experience with any type of coffee and tea helps us in giving you the best cup of extraordinary and unique tasting coffee and tea with flavor in every sip. And with the years of experience in making coffee and tea, we expertise to painstakingly and competently serve you the best afternoon tea in Manchester and ensure you are by no means disappointed.

We serve all the types of espresso-based coffees and tea in Manchester. Additionally, we also offer other types of coffee, brewed in unique ways, such as the French Press, filter, pour-over, and more. We are very passionate about what we give you. So you can count on us to deliver the best afternoon tea in Manchester that tastes the best. Take a glance through our menu to find your favorite. Get in touch with us, Creams Coffee & Tea shop in Manchester for any query or in case you don’t find what you’re looking for.

We Serve Best Afternoon Tea

We serve a variety of teas throughout the day and you can use the taste and color to discover the richness of tea in your cup.

We ensure to provide an exceptional coffee experience for all of those your step into our place. From carefully selecting our green beans from direct trade relationships and importers to roasting the beans using the latest technology – we do not compromise on the perfection that is needed to serve the best afternoon tea in Manchester.

Passionate To Make The Best Coffee & Tea

We are a passionate team who look forward to making it coffee as an art to be shared with all our customers who walk through our doors. We take it as an opportunity to give all those who step in at our tea and coffee shop in Manchester the experience of having the unique flavors with every single Tea or coffee that is ordered.