Ice Cream & Shakes


oreo SHAKE 
bubblegum shake
kinder shake
VANILlA shake

Protein Shakes

High Protein With Less Sugar

vanilla protein booster
chocolate protein booster
strawberry protein booster
banana protein booster


Cookies & CREAMS

Belgian milk chocolate, cookies & cream gelato, Madagascan vanilla gelato & toffee sauce with crushed oreo cookies.


Madagascan strawberry gelato, fresh strawberries with strawberry sauce, Belgian milk chocolate sauce, Chocolate pearls.


Chocolate gelato & hazelnut gelato combined, entwined with nuts, & chocolate
pearls. Layered with Nutella sauce. Finished with Ferrero Rocher.

Tasty Milk Shakes & Ice Cream in Manchester

We are proud of our efficient and dedicated team. We serve you with a wide range of ice creams and shakes that just melt in your mouth. Ours is considered to be the best ice cream parlour in Manchester. We are experts in making ice creams and milk shakes that are unique, sweet-meeting savoury flavours. We are sure you will not taste anywhere else.

Check our menu and let us know which one is your favourite ice cream and milk shake and we ensure to provide the best-tasting one that you will always remember that you will not find anywhere in Manchester.

Best Ice Cream Parlour For Great Experience

We give you the ultimate ice cream experience to you that tease your taste buds with sweet and yummy delicacies. We have made the ice cream and milkshake menu with love and perfection that has a world-class procedure coupled with innovation that we have put in every item on the list.

At our coffee shop, we don’t believe in compromise. We offer the outrageously best treats that are sure to taste amazing and good for everyone. We promise that we have not compromised on the quality of ice cream and milk shake. Only the best ingredient that is sourced globally is used in making our ice creams and milkshakes that make it healthy for you to have at our place.

We give you the best ice cream in Manchester with the best service and fastest delivery option. All our items listed in the menus are made under the supervision of an efficient team of food experts, nutritionists, and quality controllers.

From pasteurization, homogenization, freezing, hardening to packing of the ice creams and milk shakes are hygienically done. We use the best quality milk, cream, fruits, chocolate, and other natural ingredients. We ensure that the nutritional value is high and freshness to maintain the quality, taste, and aroma of our products.